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Community Programs

Neighborhood Watch

Click here to read more about our Neighborhood Watch program.

Bike Patrol

In 1997 grant money was received by the Morehead Police Department to Purchase three Raleigh Police Bikes and all of the necessary safety equipment. Officers wishing to participate in Bike patrol were sent to the Department of Criminal Justice Training and there they received a rigorous 40-hour course covering proper police bike procedures and bike safety. In April of 1997 the department began it first bike patrol on the streets of Morehead. As new officers join this voluntary program they too must complete the 40-hour training program. Bike patrol has proven to be very effective and bike officers are often the first police officers on the scene of an incident especially during the crowded summer nighttime hours downtown. Bike officers are especially effective during festivals and other large outdoor gatherings in Morehead.

911 Education

In 2009 the Morehead Police Department Telecommunications started teaching a 911 class to 2nd grade classes in Rowan County schools.  This class teaches children the use of 911, what is and what is  not an emergency, where the dispatch center is located and what type of aid is available when 911 is called.