105 East Main St., Morehead, KY 40351 - Administrative (606) 784-7511 - Fax (606) 783-1837

Enhanced 911

The Morehead Police Department Central Communication Center is housed in and administered by the Morehead Police Department. The Center is staffed by 8 full-time Kentucky State Certified Communication Officers ( CO's) and one secretary cross-trained in communications, and one part-time dispatcher.

Minimum training for Communication personnel consists of 205 hours Basic Communications Academy, 40 hours LINK/ NCIC ( computerized Law Information Network of Kentucky and National Crime Information Center ) and 24 hours EMD ( Emergency Medical Dispatching ). This training is conducted at the Department of Criminal Justice Training at Richmond, Kentucky. In addition to the state required training, the center also requires Communication personnel to receive 40 hours EMT/ First Responder training, CPR training, and training in fire behavior and related areas. In order to keep Communication personnel current and informed of new procedures, each area of training is revisited during In-Service training conducted at DOCJT and during In-House training conducted by the department each year.

Communication personnel work four 10 hour overlapping shifts per week. This schedule guarantees that there will be two CO's on duty during the Centers' most active hours, which are between 12:30 pm and 02:30 am seven days a week. This schedule also allows a three day weekend for personnel to re-hab from the daily stress associated with the job itself.

The Center receives and dispatches calls for services for the following agencies: Morehead Police Department; Rowan County Sheriffs Office; Law Enforcement branch of the US Forest Service; Morehead Fire Department; Route 377 Vol. Fire Department; Elliottville Vol. Fire Department; Farmers Vol. Fire Department; Hays Crossing-Haldeman Fire Department, and Morehead-Rowan County Emergency Medical Services.

The Communication Center has a duel fuel 45kw generator with an 80kw alternator and automatic switch which provides emergency power to operate the Center and the entire building in the event of a power outage. A Best 4 hour UPS ( uninterrupted power supply with power conditioner ) has been installed in the Communication Center to protect vital equipment such as computers, consoles, telephone and the 911 systems from power surges that are possible during generator start up and shut down. The Centers' radio tower and bunker is also equipped with a similar generator to provide emergency power to the towers lights, radio's and associated equipment.